Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Blog Criteria

This is the first entry in what I hope is a long list of entries by various people about the movies they love and find thought provoking.

It is my hope to discuss all types of films from the small independent to the big blockbuster; from the classic's to the cutting edge; from the widely acknowledged masterpiece to the personal favorite.

The only criteria being that you try to take an interesting angle on a film that you have'nt seen discussed before and think it would be interesting to talk about.No reviews per se... or gushing pieces about how great or lousy the film is. There are enough of those out there already.

I would like to create a place where you could write about that favorite rom-com. or crime movie or whatever and say something about how it affects you, touches you, makes you think, makes you reconsider your life or even laugh at yourself and the world around you.

I would also like to address different aspects of certain films and talk about their screenplays, cinematography, acting, lighting, and other technical aspects.

This is my initial proposal and I hope as it goes along it creates it's own form and structure from the various contributions.


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