Monday, March 06, 2006

Gary's blog questionnaire

List a couple of your "least"  favorite movies:

  • Any movie that tacks on a "happy ending" just for
    comercial purposes. Any movie that is more concerned
    with being "polically correct" instead of being truthful.

  • Oh and Forrest Gump, I hated that movie!

List a couple of your favorite movies:

I wanted to list my personal favorites, movies I've watched over and over...
  • Millers Crossing -- A coen brother's masterpiece.

  • Kiss Me Deadly -- Noir at it's parinoid best

  • King Kong vs. Godzilla -- Best Monster movie hands down.Only thing missing? Aliens trying to take over the world with the help of the monsters.

  • You only live twice -- I know almost every line of dialogue in this entire movie.

  • First Contact( Star Trek Next Generation) -- "We've engaged the Borg",....Nuff said.

List a couple of your favorite directors:

I wanted to list directors who had at least 4 or 5 masterpieces. When you watched their movies you knew you were watching art.
  • Alfred Hitchcock -- The master of suspense and the build up.

  • Woody Allen -- Funny is funny plus he's about the only one left who makes films that require thought.

  • Martin Scorsese -- He's always mentioned in any list of the best because he is one of the best.

  • Stanly Kubrick -- I regreat that we don't have more films by him., but if he had worked faster would the movies we do have have been as good?

  • Quentin Tarintino -- I have a love/hate relationship with him but I have to give him his props. Everything he's put out has been stellar.

List a couple of your favorite movie quotes (dialogue):

  • "Okay, nobody move, Popeye's here!", The French Conection

  • "Forget it jake, it's Chinatown", Chinatown

  • "This far And no farther!, First Contact (Star Trek The Next Generation)

  • "Godzilla!!!!!", King Kong vs Godzilla

  • "I'd hate to take a bit out of you, your a cookie full of arsenic", The sweet smell of success

List a couple of your favorite genres

  • Crime
  • Thriller
  • Action

List a couple of your favorite movie moments(with or without dialogue):

  • The 20 minute, totaly silent bank heist in the middle of the movie Riffi.

  • The overhead soaring shot of James Bond running across the rooftops of the Kobe docks in You only live twice.

  • Zefran Cochran jitterbugging while counsler Troi tries to explain the situation to Riker in First Contact.

  • Dallas hunting the Alien in the airshafts in Alien

  • Willard getting stinking drunk and exorcising his demons
    at the begining of Apocalypse Now

A short paragaph on why you like movies and why you want to write about then here
on this blog and what you hope to accomplish by putting your thoughts down here:

There are enough review sites already. I wanted to be a part of a place where you could explain how a movie personally touched you, be it an old one or new, and create a community of sorts where you had a give and take disscussion over it's merits.

Anything else you would like to include on the bio. sheet?

I regreat that this is too short and I have left out too many great movies...


Scott said...

"Zefran Cochran jitterbugging while counsler Troi tries to explain the situation to Riker in First Contact"

Sorry dude...That's one of the most embarrassing moments in Star Trek history.

Gary said...

That is a comedic high point. That you could take such a broad scene and make it work so well in a sci-fi/Action movie just shows what a sure hand the director Johnathan Franks had on that movie. It add dimension to counsler troi. And shows us charater traits visually with the cochran character. I strongly disagree. sorry

Scott said...

Actually, the comedic high point is that you would choose this scene with a hundred years of cinema out there.

Gary said...

"You just don't get it do you?"
I was trying to do something different with that section. Yes I could have named any number of great scences from Citizen Kane, The Wild Bunch, Chinatown but I wanted to champion the odd quicky choice. The films only I get a kick out of watching and that my friend is the harder road taken.

Scott said...

Well, that is certainly a bumpy road taken! I get it and I applaud you for going with an, odd, quirky choice. But a comedic high point...I guess a lowbrow comedic high point. I'll give you that. I just find "First Contact" to be mediocre Star Trek. And Frakes has a small screen vision when he should have a big screen one.

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